X: “I’m not good at writing dialogues”

Y: “How come? You’ve had your fair share of dialogues in your life, haven’t you?”

X: “I know, but doing it and writing about it are two completely different things”

Y: “Interesting. How so? All you need to do is start talking back and forth”

X: “I know. I have it all inside my head, but I don’t know how other people will take it”

Y: “Take it? They just have to. I bet they themselves have had a lot of odd conversations in the past”

X: “You wouldn’t know that…”

Y: “Then that makes it the two of us”

X: “Ha! Funny”

Y: “That’s my charm”

X: “…unbelievable”

Y: “What are you so worried about anyway?”

X: “It’s hard to explain…you wouldn’t understand anyway. You’re too carefree”

Y: “Come on, try me”

X: “I…find it hard to divide my thoughts into a tangible idea”

Y: “…then?”

X: “Then that’s it. What else is there?”

Y: “From the looks of it, you still have more. Tell me”

X: “I guess I don’t really want to make them into something tangible”

Y: “Why?”

X: “How would I know? Stop pestering me with these questions, will you?”

Y: “Alright, alright. Seems like I have pushed a button there, I apologize”

X: “Whatever. Just forget it, I’m leaving”

Y: “Wait, let’s try looking it from a different angle — ”

X: “How? What do you mean?”

Y: “Are you afraid of something?”

X: “I don’t understand. What’s the context?”

Y: “Do we even need one? Just tell me what comes to mind first when I say the word fear”

X: “Nothing in particular”

Y: “Come on…there must be something. Give more thought into it”

X: “…exposed”

Y: “I’m sorry, come again?”

X: “I dislike being exposed”

Y: “In what sense? Your thoughts? Feelings? or just the idea of it?”

X: “You ask too many questions, and I’ve come to realized I dislike that as well”

Y: “I’m only this way because you’ve been so — “

X: “Shut up, I get it. But I don’t feel like telling you anything anymore”

Y: “And here I was feeling hopeful. But I guess that’s just how you are”

X: “What do you mean that’s just how I am?”

Y: “Heh. I guess even you wouldn’t know”

X: “I’m serious here. I dislike it the most when people start having weird ideas about who I — “

Y: “Don’t you think that has nothing to do with you? Like it or not, it’s always going to be the same for them”

X: “That’s not true. You can try and do things to minimize the misconception”

Y: “I disagree. It’s true that you can try and do that, but in the end, their understanding and yours are still two completely different things. You may think that you’ve managed to change their minds or clear out the misunderstandings, but at the end of the day, people believe what they want to believe. So you might as well just say your piece right there and then; seeing that the outcome will always be more or less the same anyway”

X: “What the heck? And here I thought I was the one who’s being irrational. What you just said doesn’t make any sense. Does this mean that we all should just give up on trying to understand each other?”

Y: “Of course not. I was just encouraging you to try and be more honest about what you think and how you feel in the presence of others”

X: ‘Wha — you’re unbelievable! Why is talking to you so hard?”

Y: “My point exactly. It’s hard because you refused to expose yourself”

X: “How dare you say that after telling me that it’s futile to understand one another. If anything, it has made me even more pessimistic about telling people what I truly think and feel”

Y: “Can’t you see that it only seems that way because you make it so? Think about it. Do you really, truly, understand what other people think and feel at any given time? Even when they have told you all about it? Are you sure you know everything there’s to know about them?”

X: “Of course not! Even I am not that conceited”

Y: “Exactly”

X : “Your point being?”

Y: “I’ve said everything I wanted to say to you for the time being”

X: “Wait, what? You’re going to leave just like that?”

Y: “Yes. See you around!”

X: “…I still don’t understand what’s the point of it all!”

Y: “Then stop looking for it”

X: “What?!”

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